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You will have the option to choose your appliances, interior color, cabinets, countertops, flooring, trim and much more.* As we work with you on the details of your new home, we will make sure that everything is up to our high standard of quality and meets your specific needs.

While your home is being completed, we will continually keep in contact with you to ensure your ideas are always heard. We keep you in mind every step of the way as we develop your humble abode. 


*Costs will vary. Some restrictions may apply.

About Valley View

While nestled in the Little Sioux River Valley, Valley View Developers saw the need to add "new,"  to the already warm and welcoming city of Cherokee.


Avalon Construction has teamed up with Valley View Developers to make the Valley View dream a reality. With Avalon's help, Valley View aims to build affordable duplex homes with all new appliances, compatibility and the refreshing feeling of owning a brand new home.

To see the work Avalon has done, take a look at: and

The Warm and Welcoming Cherokee community...


The Cherokee community is a very tight-knit and family oriented neighborhood. Cherokee is located at the junction of U.S. Hwy 59 and State Hwy. 3, about 60 miles northeast of Sioux City, IA. The Little Sioux River winds through town and provides an excellent recreational source for fishing and canoeing as well as a backdrop to a beautiful park system. 


Cherokee's Historic Downtown was built in the 1870’s and features many unique shopping opportunities.  Cherokee’s Main Street was designated as a Cultural District by the State of Iowa in 2004.  Live music and entertainment can be heard throughout the year, but especially during the annual Jazz & Blues Festival.


Cherokee is home to the Cherokee PRCA Rodeo, Sanford Museum and Planetarium, Cherokee County Fair, Depot Renovation and Cherokee Symphony. Cherokee also holds annual events such as the Pancake Day Race and Hot Dog Days.


The Cherokee Chamber of Commerce strives to make Cherokee a positive place to live, visit and do business.  Whether you are looking for something entertaining to do this weekend, or a new community to call home, a good place to shop or a place to open a new business, there is always something to do.

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